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April 12, 2015
I invite you to watch Wax play live on TV with me! I decided to tell a bit of the story behind the film afterwards. I, Jonathan Harnisch, executive produced and wrote Wax years ago. We produced the 15-minute short film through Fat Man Media while collaborating with The Vine Entertainment in Los Angeles. I have written the full feature length screenplay for Wax as well, which is detailed in prose, as part of my novel Sex, Drugs, and Schizophrenia, and Jonathan Harnisch: An Alibiography, both easily accessible on Amazon worldwide among most other booksellers as well. The film distributors also continue to play reruns of one of my other short films, which perhaps reaches an even broader audience, while Wax is rated TV-MA, On the Bus I believe is rated either PG or R, I can’t remember. I did not know quite what to say about the film at the end of this recording, in this 20-minute movie. To be honest, in a way, I rather felt on the spot, but I thought I should say something and yet, I did, I spoke a bit, yet overlooked mentioning how a lead actor of both Wax and On the Bus, Mark Schrier, who has been so easy to work with and simply shines in both films. He is versatile and an extremely rare talent. My wife, Maureen Cooke-Harnisch, has been a godsend while I suffer from severe mental illness, she was able to ground me, centering me through the usual stresses on both productions where many people, cast and crew, are abound and filmmaking is truly a collaborative medium. I hope you enjoy my work and thank you all for your continued support of my work, and me, but moreover the arts in general, in this case. God bless you all, and again, I thank you. 

Jonathan Harnisch: Screenwriter/Producer: ON THE BUS (2008-2015) and Screenwriter/Producer: WAX (2007-2015)

Available in the United States on DirecTV channel 573 and AT&T U-Verse channel 1789; in the Netherlands on UPC on channels 25 (SD) and 64 (HD). Belgium on Telenet channels 567 (Flanders) and 747 (Brussels). Through Numericable in France (channel 120), Luxembourg (channel 100 in French, 110 in English) and Belgium (channel 33 in French, 43 in English, 57 in Dutch); on TTNet in Turkey, on Romtelecom in Romania on channel 201, in Eastern Africa on Zuku channel 221 and on NextGen in Romania.