cannabis cuddles & conversation


Nite Session 7/25/21

Join us mid-conversation as we ride out Jonathan's morning "tizzy fit" with the help of a surprise call from bro-friend Darin.  Living and loving with schizophrenia, Jonathan and Melissa extend their easy invitation; if you have other things to do, that's cool too.


Nite Session 7/19/21

Follow hosts Jonathan and Melissa as their love deepens, so does their continued good healthy solid (and sometimes tricky conversations) and open communication. But being in it for the long term means you've got to keep communication open and keep everything in check. In any event, The UK Guardian recently recognized Jonathan as a "mental health guru" lol, so go figure, but as the famous quote goes (a Jonathan original from his 804-page Alibiography), "You know what is beautiful? A real conversation with a real person." So join Jonathan and Missy for today's half-hour or thereabouts; if you have more important things to do, that's ok too—life is short ♡


Nite Session 7/15/21

as ususal join us for ten minutes or if you have more important things to do, that's okay too. today we're smellin the roses (literally! lol) fun times and beyond love. sending love hugs and hope your way ♡