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Chill Pill

Recovering schizophrenic Jonathan Harnisch and the occasional guest, speak candidly and openly about living with mental illness.


Creativity and Trauma: Touched with Fire

Psychological suffering is an essential component of Jonathan Harnisch’s artistic creativity. The same prolifically expressed dark emotions poured into his art triggers the darker side of his core as much concerned with creativity as with negative reaction. Madness, trauma, stress, and memories surface, the same intensity and passion he seeks resulting in self-actualizing healing. YouTube


Conversation Between Two Schizophrenics

Recovery from drug addiction and just another conversation between two paranoid schizophrenic friends Jonathan Harnisch and Josh Luten 
Twitter: Jonathan Harnisch @jwharnisch
Twitter: Josh Luten @JoshLuten

What Do People With Schizophrenia Talk About?

Two paranoid schizophrenics meet each other for the first time in person at Jonathan Harnisch's Hot Club and become friends. This is the audio extract from the YouTube video version, uncut, live and real, just as is from the The Real Me and You Podcast available free on iTunes. Hang out with us right here and now. Jonathan Harnisch is known publicly as an accomplished writer, producer and musician who blogs and podcasts about mental health, inspiration and creative fiction on Porcelain Utopia.