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Episode 038 - LIFE IS LIKE A MOVIE

Host Jonathan Harnisch is full of fun, laughter and playfulness on this episode. Over the weekend he became curious about the idea of life being like a movie. He talks about the schizophrenic mind and how reality might actually be altering, or adjusting the sufferer's reality so that it suits what Jung calls "psychological reality" as well as those who are grounded in real reality itself. This kind of concept could be reason enough to make schizophrenia such a complex disease. A small favor: if you would please "like" the Facebook Page: The Real Me with Jonathan Harnisch, it would make Jonathan's day! Hope you enjoy this episode. Allow it to open your mind, and stay healthy. Keep it cool, and go with the flow!


Episode 037 - GOT PLANS?

Jonathan talks about the benefits of planning ahead for times when it might be of help to better accept, for example, the crash that often follows a manic episode. New tool is also discovered to help manage manic states.



On this episode, your host Jonathan Harnisch shares the message: you're not alone if you feel misunderstood, not heard, or not even seen, and ignored - if you have schizophrenia or not. A message to caregivers especially is offered about taking care of your own needs before helping others. We are not alone, we're all in this together, so keep trying and make it great!